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January 1, 2013
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   This was the year that all the nations of the world had finally decided to agree on something. You were amazed at how all of the countries were finally working together to improve the planet. Every nation had agreed to start raising money for a disaster relief fund. Since some countries were much poorer, there had been the discussion of how to raise all this money. With careful thinking, the idea to start a fundraiser had been decided upon. The best way to earn tons of money, however, was hard to think of. Every nation chimed in ideas, but many were terrible..


    “Who has an idea of what we should do to raise money?” Germany asked, already deciding that he would once again run the meeting.

    “We should hold a bake sale.” England proclaimed immediately.

    “NO!” Shouted almost everyone in the room.

    “Why does everyone dislike that idea?” You asked America quietly. America looked over at you and laughed. 

    “I guess since you are a new country you wouldn’t know. Arthur is a terrible cook and no one would pay money to eat what he makes.” Well, that made sense now. Guessing that England was the person named Arthur, you tried to listen to the others. Since you were so new to being a country, this was your very first meeting. You knew only a few countries and you barely knew anyone’s real names. 

    “We should sell pasta!” Italy said happily from his seat.

    “We are not selling pasta!” Germany glared. “Does anyone have a good idea?” 

    “I could play my piano.” Austria chimed in.

    “No one wants to hear you. I should just sell tickets for people to see the awesome me!” Prussia exclaimed loudly. Germany smacked him in the back of the head.

    “No one wants to pay to see you.” Germany yelled at his brother. 

    “Wait, that gives me an idea!” Hungary started jumping up and down in excitement.  

    “What is your idea Hungary?” Germany finally sat down again. 

    “We should have people pay to go on dates with you guys!” The whole room went silent. You looked around to see how the male countries were going to react.

    “I like that idea!” France, Prussia, and Spain said instantly.  

    “That is a terrible idea.” Germany replied. Hungary frowned at him. 

    “No, this is an amazing idea. We will put all of your names in a bowl and each girl will pay to pick a name. The name they get is the man that will take the girl out on a date. Just imagine all the money you guys will make. Attractive men to go on a date with! It is every girls dream.”  

    “Wait, what will the female countries be doing? This seems rather unfair for us.” England asked Hungary. She seemed to think for a second and then her eyes lit up. 

    “How about this? You guys all put your names in the bowl and us girls will each pay the fee. So, some of you will get to go on dates with us instead of random fangirls. How’s that?”  

    “Since our meeting is almost over and this seems to be the only actual plan, we’ll vote on it” Germany stood up. “Who wants to go with Hungary’s plan? Raise your hands so I can count.” You decided to raise your hand because this could actually give you the chance to go on a date with the guy you had been admiring for some time now. 

    “Alright, looks like we will go with Hungary’s plan. I expect all of you to be at the fundraiser, which will take place after we can properly plan for it. This meeting is dismissed.”


     Tonight was the night of the big fundraiser. There were so many women waiting in line for a chance to get a ticket. You couldn’t believe how successful this was and you had learned that there weren’t enough male countries to date all of them. You were so lucky that as a country you would get to draw early. 

    “Oh my gosh! (Name), you look so pretty!” Elizabeta came up and hugged you as you walked in. Ever since the meeting, you and Hungary had become close friends. Since this was a fundraiser, you had decided you would dress up. Wearing your (f/c) dress, you felt more confident. Your (h/c) hair was done up and you had even decided to put on a little makeup.  

    “Thanks Elizabeta! I can’t believe how many people are here. We should hurry and get to our seats.” The two of you were somehow able to squeeze through the crowd and make it to your seats in the front row. 

    Elizabeta handed you a piece of paper as you sat down. Looking at it, all it had was the number one written on it. “What’s this?”

    “This is your ticket. I thought you should pick your date first, since you have been so helpful in setting this event up.” You smiled, but you also felt nervous. Not knowing many of the guys made you a little uneasy. Also, you were really hoping you got your crush. 

    “So, I actually have to be the host. After I explain the rules on stage, I’ll come back to my seat and America is going to take over. I’ll be right back.” Hungary walked up to the stage and took the microphone from America, who had been sitting on the stage steps. 

    “Hello, is everyone ready to begin? Welcome to the very first Date A Nation charity fundraiser. My name is Elizabeta and I will be explaining the rules to all of you lovely ladies. When the number on your ticket is called, you will come up on stage. Reaching into the bowl, pick one slip of paper. Then, read the name on the paper into the microphone. Once you have read the name, your choice will come out and take you on your date. I hope all of you have a wonderful evening and now I will pass the microphone over to Alfred, who will be calling out the numbers.” She walked off the stage and Alfred walked up. 

    “Hey everyone! My name is Alfred and let’s get this party started! If someone happens to pick me before the night is over, however, someone else will have to come read the numbers. Okay, lucky number one please join me one stage!” Alfred smiled at you as you walked up. Going up to the bowl, you took in a deep breath. Picking a slip out you approached Alfred.

    “And who is the lucky first pick?”  

    You silently prayed for your crush and unfolded the slip of paper.


Decided to start a huge Hetalia characters X Reader project. I wrote this part up pretty fast, so please tell me if there are any spelling/ grammar mistakes. Think I will be doing Germany, Spain, or Austria first. Please comment about who you want me to write about and I will link the chapters in the description once I finish with each.
Just in case there is any confusion:
(f/c): favorite color
(h/c): hair color
(e/c): eye color (will probably be using that one in the future)

Germany: [link]
England: [link]
Canada: [link]
France: [link]
America: [link]
Spain: [link]
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