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    “And who is the lucky first pick?”


     “Ludwig.” You were so excited! Even though the German could be strict, he also had been very nice to you when you first became a country.

    “Ludwig! Come on out dude!” America shouted into the microphone.

     Germany walked forward onto the stage and took your hands. You could see that his face was completely red as he led you out of the room.

     “So, what do you have planned?” You asked once you were outside. He looked down at you and was finally able to smile.

     “I’m glad I got you (Name).” He replied as you walked out to his car. You were instantly blushing.

     “Why’s that?” 

     “All those other girls in there were crazy. At least I got someone who I can talk to.” He opened the passenger door for you and closed it once you were inside. Walking to the other side of the car, he let himself in.

     “So, do you have anything planned?” Thinking back, Germany hadn’t wanted to hold the dating event. He had only gone along with the idea because everyone else voted for it. Probably shouldn’t get your hopes up.

     “Well, I was thinking we could go for a walk in the park. Most of the holiday lights should still be up.” 

     “Sure, that sounds like fun.”


     “(Name), we’re here.” Looking out the window, you saw the twinkling lights in the trees. It was still a little cold outside, but thankfully you had brought a jacket. As you walked along the path, you noticed that Ludwig was staring at you. Looking over at him you smiled.

     “Yes, Germany? Is something wrong?” He shook his head.

     “Ludwig.” He mumbled as you reached the fountain in the middle of the park.

     “What was that?” You asked because you could barely hear him with the sound of the fountain.

     “You can call me Ludwig. I already call you (Name).” His cheeks were red, but you couldn’t tell if that was because he was blushing or if he was just cold.

     “Okay, Ludwig. Why don’t we go buy hot chocolate at that cafe?” You pointed at the small store that was just outside of the park.

     “Sure.” As you turned to start walking towards the cafe, he grabbed your hand. Turning back, you saw him holding his scarf in his hands. He slowly wrapped the scarf around your neck. As he did so, you could feel your whole face was on fire and you hoped he couldn’t hear you heart beating loudly.

     “You looked cold, so I thought you might want this.” He explained as he finished putting the scarf on you. Looking up at him, you realized that his face was still red.

     “Aren’t you cold?” He shook his head and took you hand.

     “No, I’m used to the cold. It gets much worse in Germany.” He started walking towards the cafe again, but this time you stopped. Noticing this, he looked at you.

     “Is something wrong?” As he asked this you felt something land on your face. Looking up, you smiled wide.

     “It’s snowing!” You said. Ludwig started to laugh. 

    “What?” You asked him and he smiled down at you.

     “At first I was worried you weren’t having a very good time, but then snow makes you so happy.” He explained.

     “But, I was having a good time. I was so happy I got to go on this date with you.” Ludwig leaned down and kissed your cheek.

     “I’m glad I got to go on this date with you too. You look so beautiful right now. You know, I was secretly wishing that you were going to be the one I got to go on a date with.” He whispered into your ear. Blushing, you realized that both of you felt the same way about each other. You decided you were going to act while you were still confident. Grabbing the collar of his jacket, you held him at eye level.

     “Can I ask you a question?” You asked him, looking him straight in the eye.

     “Of course.” He answered with a confused look on his face.

     “Will I have to pay every time I want to go on a date with you? Because, I don’t think my country is that rich.” He smiled and leaned closer, so your lips were almost touching.

     “You’ll just have to find some other way to pay me.” He whispered against your lips. Pulling your body closer, he deepened the kiss. As you moved you hands into his hair, he put his arms around your waist. Pausing to breath, you gave him a hug and another kiss.

     “I think that can be arranged.”

Germany x Reader: Date A Nation by Avitus-Melodiam

/ / ©2013-2015 Avitus-Melodiam
You picked Germany. I'll keep writing more for the other hetalia characters :)
If you didn't read part 1:
England: [link]

I don't own hetalia.
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